The Local Conference You Don’t Want to Miss


It’s that time of year again when the most exciting companies in local gather in New York City to hash through and celebrate the best ideas and strategies. Street Fight Summit is coming next Thursday and Friday to TriBeCa, and one of the themes we’re focusing on this year is partnerships. Partnerships are a key reason we have been bringing people together for the last few years, but never have they been such a high-profile, essential element of success as they have become over the past year…

What We Mean When We Talk About ‘Hyperlocal’


When we launched Street Fight, we expanded the term “hyperlocal” from its traditional use pertaining only to passionate, driven, highly local publishers who were the first to act on the erosion of local media’s business. We have applied it to include anyone who is disrupting and taking market share from traditional media and offering local businesses new ways to reach consumers…

More Hyperlocal Investment Content Coming to Street Fight

Hyperlocal Stock Index

Over the last six months, our Hyperlocal Investment Report newsletter has aimed to guide investors through this new industry, to give context and insight into the market potential of pre-public companies, and to synthesize activity in the public markets as well as in private placement, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and the like. With this issue, we’re moving it from a paid product to delivering this content on our public website for free, to engage in broader discussion around key issues in hyperlocal investing.

Why Don Draper Would Hate Hyperlocal


Many brands are still stuck in the days of Don Draper, failing to see that the potential for a lasting bond is even greater with hyperlocal (and delivers better ROI). Campaigns on services like LevelUp, LivingSocial or Tackable have more resonance precisely because they are tied to where you are. They tap into your good feelings around, say, your favorite pizza place, a connection that doesn’t require the same kind of shaping by big media or advertising mavens.

Local Quotables: Seth Priebatsch, Chris Dixon, Dan Street and more…

Chris Dixon sends kudos to Foursquare’s latest release; Seth Priebatsch gets excited about the evolution of money as it moves further online; Steve Buttry gets an endorsement; Josh Fenton talks hyperlocal publishing success; and Dan Street describes the evolution of local as “not a search problem.”

Can Hyperlocals Help Solve the Jobs Problem?

Help Wanted

The stock market is falling, Europe is teetering and for many Americans, there are few jobs in sight. On Monday, the National Association of Business Economics issued a report underscoring what many Americans already know: jobs aren’t coming back in any substantial way any time soon. The panel of 52 economics experts said they expected GDP to grow just 1.5% this year, too low to move the needle on the 9% unemployment rate…

Loopt: Re-Energizing the Deal Business

Our pick in this week’s Street Smart Moves is Loopt. Daily deals is a hackneyed formula already, but Loopt is trying to bring some innovation to the fore by letting consumers pick their own deals. What Loopt is doing is almost exactly the answer to John Wannamaker’s famous quote about not knowing which half of his advertising worked (but knowing half did): By letting consumers suggest the items they want deals on, merchants will know what will sell.