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Placeable Launches New Feature to Help Fix ‘Dirty’ Local Data

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my_locationTwo months after a major rebranding, Denver-based Placeable has launched a new tool to help big brands clean up their location data. The feature, called Placeable Plot, allows marketers to update and manage location data for a brand’s brick-and-mortar stores across apps, search engines, maps, social networks, and marketing campaigns.

The company, which works with large enterprise advertisers to help data become accessible, accurate, and usable, currently has more than two million locations in their system. The introduction of the Placeable Plot provides marketers with control of their presentation on many different websites that present location information, and essentially clears up their dirty data, according to the company.

“The feature cleanses and normalizes location data and establishes accuracy, then puts it into a format that’s extensible and usable across the ecosystem,” Ari Kaufman, chief executive officer at Placeable told Street Fight. “Anywhere that you might want to use local data becomes powerful because the data is placeable and accurate. It starts by going after that dirty location issue.”

The dirty data problem in local search continues to grow with a rash of incorrect data available on the web. According to a recent report by Yext, 43% of the 40,000 business listings surveyed had at least one incorrect or missing address, while 37% had at least one incorrect or missing name on a listing.

In a recent Street Fight article, Joe Morsello, communications manager at the Local Search Association, argued that local search needs a universal validation process for local business listings on search engines, which would benefit both enterprises and consumers. Morsello believes that by guaranteeing the accuracy of the data points for a business’s name, address, phone number and website, combined with best practices and syntax method, this would essentially lead to a more efficient and accurate local search.

Myriah Towner is an intern at Street Fight.

  • Ben

    I foresee “Placeable effect” being an effective marketing term.


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