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Why Don Draper Would Hate Hyperlocal

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Is Don Draper invisible? Pete Campbell couldn’t find him. His secretary had no appointments on the books, and yet he was never around. He didn’t show his face to his ex-wife and her new husband; and if he’d had his way, no one at his surprise birthday party would have seen him either.

Don’t give this guy a Foursquare account.

Even if you set aside the fact that this season’s Don Draper, so far, never seemed less interested in advertising, cable’s leading ad man is about the big picture. He may not have waxed poetic to a kidney bean client over an underling’s “Art of Supper” pitch about a “bean ballet” commercial, but Draper is an emotional character. And so is his view on advertising. He would hate hyperlocal.

In hyperlocal, customers don’t need to be sold on a bean ballet; they need a coupon for a can of beans when they’re standing right in front of one.

But hyperlocal is at once both more emotional and more functional. Many brands are still stuck in the days of Don Draper, failing to see that the potential for a lasting bond is even greater with hyperlocal (and delivers better ROI). Campaigns on services like LevelUp, LivingSocial or DNAInfo have more resonance precisely because they are tied to where you are. They tap into your good feelings around, say, your favorite pizza place, a connection that doesn’t require the same kind of shaping by big media or advertising mavens. In hyperlocal, customers don’t need to be sold on a bean ballet; they need a coupon for a can of beans when they’re standing right in front of one.

Draper would not like that hyperlocal can be a little messy. Draper loathes the idea of unpolished messaging — but that’s what you get when you leave it to the crowd and the cloud to shape your brand and deliver customers. God would he hate the gossipy aspect of hyperlocal (he might actually die from discomfort over Topix, or the transparency of Foursquare, not to mention the Big Brother-ness of Highlight).

Further, in the pre-Groupon era of “Mad Men,” coupons are “that kind of baloney,” in the words of one copywriter.

Draper is stuck in the land of hearts-and-minds, pitching brands like Kodak, as in the memorable first-season episode where, with a melody playing behind him, he talks about the Kodak Carousel as a “time machine” that “takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It’s not called the ‘wheel,’ it’s called the ‘carousel.’ It lets us travel the way a child does. Round and round, and back home again. To where we know we are loved.”

What better way to describe hyperlocal?

Cue the music, Don Draper, and fire up your phone.

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  • http://twitter.com/j_peden Jeffrey Peden


    First off, love that you took a look at this through the lens of the 60’s Mad Men.

    I think Don would rightly be disgusted by the current crop of hyperlocal marketing tools, because they lose sight of the personal nature of connecting with consumer.  The majority of hyperlocal deals and promotions products in use today focus on only 2 of the P’s in the service marketing mix: Place and Price, often forgetting entirely about Product and, most importantly, People.  

    Place is not necessarily more personal, it’s more physical.  It’s the modern equivalent of the annoying teenager in the chicken suit on the sidewalk that you simply want to punch.  Don would call this “desperate and cheap.”  

    As Don says, “Advertising is about 1 thing: happiness” — when we can combine all of the elements that make our connections to businesses, products, or brands personal, we can build more emotional (and hence more valuable) connections.  Place and Price are certainly a part of this.  But as we’re all working on moving hyperlocals across the digital/mobile/social divide, all of us should be striving to win a CLIO for “Best Local under two thousand dollars.”

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The Commerce Graph

The “Commerce Graph” is a new framework we have developed to think about the future of physical exchange. The model offers an alternative to the dominant narrative about the commerce landscape that frames digital networks as an adversary of physical exchange.

The $20 Billion Mobile Marketing Opportunity

Strategies and insights into the landscape of targeting options and how they deliver foot traffic and sales for SMBs.
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When the ‘Pop-Up’ Store Sticks Around

Retailers have started to rethink their sprawling storefronts. Instead, companies are turning to smaller, more specialized locations that that can adapt to declining store revenues while addressing some new opportunities in selling to a connected consumer.


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